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About Us

Three vexated friends Brandon Kemp, Kendrick Delaney, and Puppy Robinson sat down together and rowed about da struggles of being pop-up vendors in The Bahamas.

  1. We was fed-up with event coordinators who was chargin’ us an arm and a leg to bring our good food to their events.
  2. We couldn’t find nowhere online where pop-up vendors could go to row or big-up past events and find future ones.
  3. We wanted to improve our looks and set-ups without giving da man all our money. And who in Nassau even makes food carts or trucks?

We decided to heise up our pants and go fight for what we wanted. We realizes that if we wanted dis pop-up industry ting to grow, we would need to squad up with all da vendors.

We gooned around saying as diverse as we all are da only thing all of us share in in common is our vexations, our passion, and the Tin Ferl in our kitchens! From dat moment on, Tin ferl, da “toters” weapon of choice, would became da iconic symbol of dis new pop-up squad.

Since our formation we’ve opened night markets, food truck parks, tackled the COVID pandemic wit da launch of our Pop Up Park, and are now on Paradise Island showing off our tings to the tourists dem.

Tin Ferl OG Crew


Our Mission

  • Act as the unified voice of pop-up vendors
  • Coordinate fair and discounted rates with event coordinators
  • Provide businesses development tools to our members
  • Inform members of upcoming pop-up opportunities