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Paradise Island Food Truck Village

In partnership with Atlantis Resort

Tin Ferl on Paradise Island

Our food truck is conveniently located within walking distance from the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, making it perfect for quick deliveries and easy in-person visits. Enjoy delicious meals just steps away from your hotel!

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Junkanoo Caribbean

Junkanoo Caribbean offers a vibrant fusion of Bahamian, Haitian, and Caribbean cuisine, serving fresh fish, savory wings, and delectable grilled dishes. Experience the rich flavors and cultural blend of the Caribbean with every bite from their food truck.


Junior's Jerk Pit

Junior's Jerk Pit brings the authentic taste of Jamaica straight from the smoking grill, offering mouthwatering jerk chicken and pork. Enjoy the rich flavors of curry mutton and other traditional Jamaican dishes, all prepared fresh and bursting with island spices.


Eat Meh Taco

Eat Meh Taco serves a delightful variety of tacos, including crack conch, chicken, ground beef, and fish, all paired with crispy tortilla chips. Discover a burst of flavors with every bite from their diverse and delicious taco menu.


The New Duff

The New Duff puts an Asian-inspired twist on the traditional Bahamian dessert, guava duff, creating a unique and flavorful treat. In addition to their sweet offerings, they serve savory bao buns filled with ginger pork, curry mutton, jerk chicken, or vegetables, blending Caribbean and Asian culinary traditions.



The Tipsea mobile bar is a beloved gathering spot for Bahamian cocktail enthusiasts, serving up signature cocktails infused with a variety of island flavors. Enjoy a refreshing drink crafted to perfection, and experience the vibrant tastes of the Bahamas in every sip.

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